Monday 21 October 2013

Halloween & Thanksgiving Coupon

Halloween and Thanks Giving is on it's way
and I'm all excited.
To celebrate I'm giving a 5%
discount on my Halloween & Thanksgiving Patterns.
Just use the coupon "Halloween" at checkout on Ravelry
ends 31 Oct 2013

Just click on the link 
Pa010043_001_medium Ravelry             

P7100153_001_medium Ravelry      Etsy 

P9270023_001_medium Ravelry     Etsy

P7100145_001_medium Ravelry     Etsy

P7180098_001_medium Ravelry     Etsy

P7160099_001_medium  Ravelry      Etsy

P7170106_001_medium  Ravelry           

P7090076_001_medium  Ravelry           

Pa020002_001_medium  Ravelry     Etsy

20121016_123800_001_small2     Ravelry        

Zombie_001_small2       Ravelry     Etsy

Pa070038_001_medium  Ravelry     Etsy

P9090020_001_medium    Ravelry     Etsy


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