Monday 7 October 2013

Stichin Stacy's Crochet

Today I would like to say a huge welcome
to Stacy
from Stitchin Stacy's Crochet

My name is Stacy and I am know as Stitchin Stacy's Crochet on my FB..

I teach on youtube and have a channel where my tutorials are.. 
I teach people to crochet everyday and work from my home on my Facebook, 
Youtube, Etsy, and my Weebly webpage. 

I also hand craft ..Clay Handled Crochet Hooks, 
Clay Stitch Markers, 100% oak Crochet hooks carved by hand , 
many sizes including the "Extreme Hook", 

we are also working on the oak Knitting Needles and will have those to display soon...
So if you would like to check out any of my items you can do so at the links below.

Thank you ever so much Stacy.
I hope you'll check out her sites.


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