Tuesday 29 October 2013

99 Snowflakes book review

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Christmas is fast approaching and one of the things I wanted to 
make for people this Christmas was Snowflakes.
I love how the delicate nature of snowflakes
just look so pretty!

I'd been looking out for the right book and now I've found it.

The thing I love about this book
is no matter your level of crochet there is something for you.
You can also choose the size of snowflake
you want to make.

The sizes range from 1 1/4" to 5 3/4".
You can make more simple designs
right up to 3-D designs.

Not only does the book offer you 99 different snowflake designs
it also gives you full instructions how to finish off your snowflakes.
You learn the best tips for starching them & they supply you
with blocking patterns.
Considering it's my first time at making the snowflakes
I found it really easy and enjoyable.

As you can see I've made quite a few already.
I think they are just so pretty!
I can't wait to make some more.

You can purchase 99 Snowflakes from LeisureArts.com
eBook      Paperback

I purchased this book myself
and all opinions expressed are my own.
I did not receive any monies in return.


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