Monday 7 October 2013

What Fun!

I found a new firm on the internet
and decided I would give them a go
and buy some things that I could
have fun with Little Red.

It's a brilliant site because not only do they offer
fantastic fun and interesting fun
things to do with kids
they also have fantastic Art and Craft supplies
for me :-)

to supply affordable and the best materials
to create artists all over the UK

They supply everything from:
Painting Category Banner
Drawing Category Banner
Craft Category Banner
Kids category banner
Gifts Category Banner

We decided to buy:
You take the different coloured grains
and put them in the container in any order you like

Then you place it in water for a few mins

 Then leave it to dry
And hey presto you have a bouncy ball
But of course it isn't just a bouncy ball -
it glows in the dark :-)

We also bought a set of Dino Finger Puppets:
Each of the dino puppets come on a piece of card
They have all the folds ready marked and numbers of where
you need to stick the pieces together.
They were really easy to pop out
and the tabs are marked in order
so as long as you follow the correct order they are really easy to put together.

Each dinosaur is different from the next
and they are really good fun!
Little Red couldn't manage to make them himself.
We also found that pritt stick didn't
stick very well on the shinier surface.
We ended up gluing them and putting a little bit of
sellotape on them whilst they dried.
Little Red loves them and is really enjoying making up stories for them.
They are cute and fun and at a very reasonable price.
The cardboard is sturdy but we might keep
the sellotape on them so they stay together.
They fit mine and Ryan's fingers but daddy's fingers were too big.
To get childrens imagination (especially boys) going these are fantastic fun!

The service from Cass Art was fantastic 
and we are sure we'll be getting more fun things from them.

We purchased the items ourselves
and all opinions expressed are our own.


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