Monday 21 October 2013

Confessions of an Acrylic Crocheter

As most of my patterns are for babies & children
the yarn I use is acrylic.
I prefer to use this as it's easily washable.
As I use the same type of yarn for everything
it also means I don't need to give special instructions
to anything I make. 
I was also worried about what yarn to choose
and how to use it.
I have to keep costs down as I am disabled 
and don't have much money coming in so acrylic is the best option.  

However Christmas is coming and I decided
that it was an ideal time to find a new world.

I buy most of my yarn from Deramores.
I love the wide range and colours you can buy from Deramores.
Their customer service is fantastic 
& their deliveries come so quickly.

Here is what I bought for Christmas:

This is a whole new world for me!
I'm soo excited by it!
I actually decided to use the Merino now
but everything else has been hidden away for Christmas!

What is your favorite yarn, supplier & what do you love to make with it?


  1. Hi Sue :) I haven't found my favorite yet - I tend to stick to acrylic because it is the least expensive and readily available at the local craft stores I frequent - but I received some amazing yarn from the UK last year as a 'gift' and it was wool - such a joy to work with and so soft! The wool we seem to have in abundance here is so scratchy!! I could hardly believe what I was using was truly wool from the UK! If I had to pick though my favorite type of yarn is cotton - although it really isn't suitable for everything - but if my pattern or a design will work with cotton - I will use cotton if I can - have fun with your new yarn! I can't wait to see what you make :) Rhondda

    1. Rhondda
      I think wool depends a lot on the breed. It is surprising how much difference it makes. I've just started making something with cotton and am just learning how it handles. I'm finding that I will stick with acrylic for my themed hats etc as it keeps it shape easier. I made a hat with 10% merino and it was amazing the difference to the drape. i had to frog 3 times before I got the hat to work.
      It's going to be exciting. I'm not sure if i'll end up buying patterns or designing my own items.

  2. I'm so happy that you've discovered the joys of natural fibres! :)
    I love natural fibres too but they're definitely not in my budget for most things I make. I have splurged on sock yarn though for my grandson's socks and a sweater and he loves both! So chances are pretty good I'll be repeating that over the winter.
    As for suppliers, I buy it wherever I can find it/afford it. I don't order online since delivery charges kill me as a rule.
    Enjoy your natural fibres! :)

    1. Angel,
      No I must admit it's only because it's Christmas. I wouldn't be able to design with it on a regular basis. i am also finding how the different types act differently when crocheted.
      Wow can't wait to see what you make. Socks are on my to do list for Christmas but I'll have to see if I get time.
      We are lucky as I wait till I need quite a bit and then you don't get any delivery charges.

  3. I prefere the acrilic too, for the same reasons: I made amigurumi and it is easy to take care of.

    1. It is isn't it. To be honest the more i use others the more I realise how good acrylic is.


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