Monday, 21 October 2013

Confessions of an Acrylic Crocheter

As most of my patterns are for babies & children
the yarn I use is acrylic.
I prefer to use this as it's easily washable.
As I use the same type of yarn for everything
it also means I don't need to give special instructions
to anything I make. 
I was also worried about what yarn to choose
and how to use it.
I have to keep costs down as I am disabled 
and don't have much money coming in so acrylic is the best option.  

However Christmas is coming and I decided
that it was an ideal time to find a new world.

I buy most of my yarn from Deramores.
I love the wide range and colours you can buy from Deramores.
Their customer service is fantastic 
& their deliveries come so quickly.

Here is what I bought for Christmas:

This is a whole new world for me!
I'm soo excited by it!
I actually decided to use the Merino now
but everything else has been hidden away for Christmas!

What is your favorite yarn, supplier & what do you love to make with it?



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