Friday 18 October 2013

I've Made Friday Week 80

I hope you are all having a good week.

I'm still having problems with my arm
but I'm hoping it will settle down soon.
I've not managed to finish everything
due to the pain but I'll hopefully have them all finished for you next week.

I have finished the soap me and Little Red were making:

Little Red wanted his red
and I mixed the blue in the others to make a lavender colour.
The lavender on the top was added by Little Red.
I think he went a bit over the top but he really enjoyed making them.
This was our first go and we've learnt some lessons.
When I make the next batch I am sure they will look a bit better.
Little Red had great fun excavating his egyptian artifacts.
He is now entering all the information in the book
and going through all the quizzes.
The other set we had turns into a board game.
It's like a game of snakes and ladders and you learn
all about different things as you go round the board.

I've finished the shawl I was making.
I wanted a neckerchief that I could wear.
Then again I may give it as a Christmas pattern.
I'm not sure yet.
I bought the Wingfeathers pattern from Hodge Podge Farm
It was a really easy pattern to follow.
& it's designed so that you can make it as big as you want
and have it as a shawl if you want.
wingfeathers PDF crochet pattern
I think I'll make some more in the future using different types and weights of yarn.
I used a double knit acrylic for mine but I might use a lighter wright yarn
next time.

I also designed a headband to match the poppy hat that I designed last week.
And a matching set of legwarmers.
At the moment I have only designed the newborn size so I've still got a few sizes to go.

I also designed an Aviator Hat
for Little Red.
I designed it so that the goggles can be moved
The pattern is in sizes 1-3 yrs, 3-10 yrs & 10 yrs+
The pattern is available from
Ravelry      Etsy      Craftsy

I finished reading The Help
 This is a must read book!
I am glad I read it but at times it was very close to home for me.
I laughed and cried through the book.
The story is based around a white young female who wants to write
a book from the perspective of "The Help" in a time (1962)
when things are changing in America.
It's based in Mississippi and is a very touching story.
You get the perspective from all the different characters in the book
and how they really feel about the situation they are in.
It's a very hard hitting touching book.
I loved all the different characters and how each of them
brought something different to the story.
I would give the book 5 out of 5
This book is a huge success already and is only going to get bigger.

Now the reason this book was close to home is
I was born in South Africa and I had a nanny.
I have so many precious memories of my nanny
but through this book I felt so guilty at times.
I would love to meet my nanny again but I don't have any information
about her so I don't know where to start.
I left South Africa when I was 5 and never saw her again.
The things that I thought we gave her to make her special
now make me feel how she might of felt and it might not of been good.
She had a hut in the garden where she could keep all of her things.
She didn't sleep there but she kept her glass collection there.
We weren't allowed in as that was her private space.
I know wonder how she actually felt.
I loved her and would love to see her again.
On the other side my gran (who is 91 now) was
put into service as soon as she finished school.
The only way she could get out of "service" in the big house
was to marry. If she didn't get married she wouldn't of been able to get out.
She has never really talked about that time and now she has Alzheimer's
I can't ask her the questions.
I know it was hard work with long hours.
Her mum died when she was young so she didn't really have an option
but to go into service.
So in our family we've had it from both sides.
I just wonder how both felt?

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