Tuesday 15 October 2013

Deep Relief Review

I have to tell you about this amazing product!
I have previously used Ibuprofen gel products without much success.
That was until I tried this gel.
I was completely amazed.
Due to having to use a walking stick all the time
I suffer from joint pain in my knuckles. 
I have been to the doctors numerous times but
due to my asthma and IBS they were unable to treat
my pain with the main pain killers that they would normally use.
When I received the product I was very sceptical.
Then I tried it and was shocked to realise that it worked!
Within 10 mins the pain eased. 
I was very shocked.
I don't normally promote health products and have turned down
reviews for others but this really works.

Deep relief is a topical analgesic gel which uses
2 weapons to help fight pain.
Analgesic Ibuprofen and counter-irritant levomenthol.
The dual attack on pain has been clinically proven to proved effective relief.

The Ibuprofen reduces pain by damping down inflammation 
& swelling while the levomenthol provides a counter-irritant effect 
which delivers cooling pain relief.

The synergistic action of these two key ingredients enhances penetration
of the ibuprofen suggesting that Deep Relief may deliver
more ibuprofen than products containing ibuprofen alone.

Deep Relief gel is indicated for the relief of rheumatic pain
& muscular aches, pain & swellings such as strains
& sprains & sports injuries in adults &
children over 12 years.
It is a licensed medicine available in various pack sizes:
  • 50g pack is available from a wide range of retiral outlets including pharmacy
  • A 100g pack only with the same indications as the 50g pack & also for the relief of pain associated with non-serious arthritic condition. Available in pharmacies only.

If you suffer from pain this product is really worth a try.
If you are unsure about using the product please consult with a pharmacist
or doctor.

All views expressed are my own but I was supplied
with a product for free to review.
I have no medical training and the views are just my own from my own experience.


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