Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Tuesday's Patterns Week 2

Welcome to
Tuesday's Patterns.

I haven't finished the pattern I am writing at the moment
& I haven't finished the pattern that I'm following.

So I thought I would discuss the process of how I design my patterns.
I'm an off the cuff sort of designer.
I have a basic beanie that I use for the start of my patterns.

I choose the animal I'm going to make.
Make the relevant coloured beanie.

I then look at each part of the face
& make it up as I go.

I write down the pattern as I am designing it.
There are pros and cons to this method.
Sometimes I have to frog and start again
but I have found for me this is the most natural method.
What method do you use?

What patterns do you want to share this week:


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