Friday 16 March 2012

Linky decision

Happy Friday everyone.
I haven't quite finish Little Red's blanket yet so 
you'll have to wait till next week

I have come to one big decision!
I am going to remove Linky Followers.
Since adding it to my blog my stats are wrong.
They look fantastic but they don't reflect the real amount of people visiting my site.
This is a big decision for me!
If you follow me through Linky I hope you'll follow me another way instead.
I'll leave it there till Monday but I hope you'll follow another way before then.
I have a number of ways of following:

Thanks for following! 
Don't forget to also follow my other site:

And don't forget to join in my worldwide giveaway:


  1. I follow on gfc also so I'm good to go.

  2. I'm do the Linky followers inaccurately reflect your visitors? I'm following now on GFC.


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