Monday 12 March 2012


Good Morning everyone

I hope you have all had a good weekend!

Hubby has been fantastic this weekend and made up
Little Red's new bed.

It was a lot of work but it's fantastic!
There is so much storage and also has a pull out desk.
Little Red has asked that I make him a runner to go along the bars as they are cold.
Apart from that he loves it!

And now I have a bed as well!

It's fantastic having somewhere I can go off and rest in peace!

This week my son's school is having a dress up day.
The theme is peculiar plants or flowers.
They have decided to change it slightly and said you can go dressed as a gardener.
Little Red has decided he wants to go dressed as Mr Bloom:
Mr Bloom (Ben Faulks) with some of his friends

I've managed to get a shirt and pants off ebay.
I'd made him an aaran cardigan about a year ago.
I have taken the arms off and sewed it together to make it into a tank top.
I have a pattern for a cow boy hat that I might be able to alter slightly to make a hat that looks right.
Fingers crossed I get it all made and my CFS doesn't get in the way.

I've had to take some pain meds this weekend as the pain has been quite bad.
I can't take any today cause I've got to go to an appointment at work.
My dad is taking me so that will make things slightly easier.

Hope you are having a good day.
I've done some more work on my granny blanket so I can't wait to
show you what I've done on Wednesday.

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  1. Love Little Reds new bed. That blue puppy in the corner sure is cute!! I wish we could get that show here. It looks cute. Thanks for sharing.


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