Saturday 3 March 2012

Guest Blogger Week 6 Cast Away Collection

I hope you will all say a big welcome to Tracy from Cast Away Collection

Hi Everyone!  

My name is Tracy Roul and I am just so excited to be taking over Susan’s Blog for day to share a little about myself and my business, CastAway Collection!

I have been blessed with a creative spirit and I am currently expressing this through my love for crocheting.  I opened the door to my Etsy Shop in October 2011 and I am just overwhelmed by the wonderful response I have receive. 

I crochet a variety of items which included newborn photography props, baby blankets, pillow covers, cowl scarves, and other specialty items like ornaments, mixed media art, and greeting cards. 

I am most often inspired by feelings; the feeling of warmth, love, and care.  My pieces remind me of my grandmother, of a hot cup of tea, and of snuggles under a granny square blanket ~ all crafted with love with memories.  This is the feeling I want to share with my customers; this is where my inspiration comes from.  I try to capture this feeling in each and every piece I create from my pixie-styled newborn hats to my granny square pillow covers.

Colors are also very important to be.  I am not afraid to use color but I am really drawn to neutral and classic color combinations.  I try to make sure that my color choices are going to work in the daily lives of my customers.  Take for example my Caribbean Fantasy Blanket.  This blanket show cases bright but classic colors of cream, lime green, and orange that I think would fit into the homes of many.  And cream, I cannot get enough cream!  

I am based out of Torbay, Newfoundland, Canada and it is no surprise that inspiration for my shop name came from living so close to the wonderful Atlantic Ocean.  I also wanted to connect my work to my home with each collection piece being named after a part of our sea-bound culture.

When I am not crocheting I still love to create! 

I have been taking great pleasure in developing my own blog where I get the opportunity to share my love for photography, diy projects, and cooking! 

I am connected all over the place so come visit me soon!
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I would love to leave your readers with this special coupon code for 10% off my shop today only: CROCHETADDICT10.

And also with this fabulous recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with!  It is absolutely delicious and so refreshing!  Try it ~ trust me! 

Moroccan Avocado & Citrus Smoothie:
1 avocado
1 cup of milk
¼ cup orange juice
1 tbsp lemon juice
1 tbsp honey
mandarin oranges for garnish

Add the first five ingredients to your blender or smoothie maker.  Blend until very smooth.  Serve immediately and garnish with mandarin slices. 


Thank-you so much Susan for giving me this opportunity!  It has been a blast!
Cheers, Tracy

I hope you will all say a big thank you to Tracy!  Her designs are so beautiful & what a fantastic treat :-)
Please pop over to Tracy's sites as she has so much more for you to see!


  1. I love your shop already!! And now I'm following your blog also! :-)

  2. Hi Susan! This is so wonderful. Thank-you for the opportunity and for putting this together. Cheers!


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