Wednesday 14 March 2012

Middle of the night

Well it's the middle of the night here in England.
Everyone is fast asleep and I'm up :-(
It's ok as long as I can keep my breathing under control I'll be fine.
Went to the doctors this week and it looks like I've caught something.
Oh well as long as I can keep my asthma from flaring up anymore I will hopefully
stay out of hospital.
Feeling very tight and tickly, inhalers not making much of a difference.

Note to oneself:
Ask the doctor if we can find a way to go into the doctors less.

Little Red is a lot better.
The doctors are running some tests to find out why he keeps being sick.
we'll hopefully get the results next week.
It's such a shame because once he's been sick he is fine.
His school has a rule if you are sick you aren't allowed back into school
until at least 48 hours has passed.
I know why they have this rule but I am sure I am one of the few parents that follows the rules.
If Ryan gets diagnosed with stomach migraines (they are hereditary in our family)
then I hope school will understand and let him back sooner.

I think I'm going to go and spend  a little time on Pinterest.
Once my breathing has eased (fingers crossed)
I'll be able to try and go back to sleep.


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