Thursday 22 March 2012

Thursday Homemade Love Week 1 21st March 2012


I have been looking at me and my blog lately.
I've sort of been winging it for a long time.
When I joined WIP Wednesday & FO Friday
they gave me focus.
I was working part-time and they were the days I wasn't working.
I'm currently off sick due to my cfs.
My blog has become me.
I can't go out anywhere & I need to rest but
I also need to keep my mood on an even keel and 
that's what this blog does for me.
I want it to be a positive experience as well as informative.
I want to do and find things that are interesting to you
but that I can achieve whilst resting etc.

I now have a rough idea of my week but I have left it flexible 
so that if I'm not good I can still interact with you.
I have chosen a few things for each day and depending on how I can then 
take the decision of what and how many I post about.

Monday: Monday Reviews - Weekend Review\Reviews of any of Little Reds books we've read the previous week\Product\Blog

Tuesday: Tuesday's Patterns - I either blog about a pattern I've designed\made\tested\bought etc 
I also want other people to link it so that we can shout about crochet and the things we make
I also don't mind anyone who knits adding their pattern as well.
Any free pattern I make will also be listed on this day.

Wednesday: What you doing Wednesday WIP Wednesday + update on book I'm reading

Thursday - Thursday Homemade Love - Crafting done\found\pinterest\etsy finds
This is a very flexible day.  it just depends on what I have done for the previous week.
It is to show some love to handmade things.
Whether it's things other people have made.
Homemade things by me
Or things made with Little Red.

Friday - What you've made Friday -FO Friday + book I've finished if I've finished one

Saturday - Guest Blogger I don't currently charge anything for my guest blogger
if you wish to post on the blog just email me.

Sunday - Giveaway Sunday - I am either going to host\supply\or review a current giveaway
I am open to anyone who wants me to host a giveaway (no charge)
all giveaways that are international will be also posted on my other blog:

The good thing about having an idea of what I'm doing each day is I can do everything in advance.
This means if I'm up to it I can blog in advance and that way I don't have
to worry when I'm at my worst.
It also means I can split the post into 5mins at a time so it doesn't tire me out.

This blog means sooo much to me!
I'm in bed between 8-9pm every night.
I struggle going out and the thought of getting dressed and looking decent just exhausts me.
You have become my friends and I hope you realize how much 
you mean to me.
I am coming to understand my condition and I am coming to understand what 
I have to do when I have a big crash.
I can't control it but I also need to help it.
When i'm crashing like now I need to rest and live with what is happening.
I also need to keep positive and that's
where you and this blog have helped.
You cheer me up when I'm down, praised me, helped me and you make me feel good about myself!

I want to say a BIG THANK YOU!

Could I ask you all one question.  I changed my blog slightly and now have the reply option.
If your email address is attached do you get a copy of my reply?
I want to make sure you get my reply because I try to always reply to all of you!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway:

I also want to let you know I'm going to try and put a linky on each post.
if there is something you want to add to the day
it's there for you to add.
This is your blog as well & I hope if there is anything you want to see you'll
let me know.

Now back to Thursday Homemade Love!

A small, quick fun thing to do with kids.

Swimming Fish:

  • All you need is a scrap piece of cardboard, crayons, scissors & washing up liquid.

 Take a scrap piece of cardboard (this was a wrapper off some food)
 Draw the shape of a fish, the tail has to go into a V shape (yes i know I can't draw
 Colour in the fish - great for kids to do

Cut the fish out

Get the washing up liquid

Dab the Fairy Liquid in the V of the tail

Now either fill a bath or a bowl with water (only water) and then place the fish
on top of the water and watch it swim.
The washing up liquid breaks up the surface of the water 
which in turn makes the fish move.

This is great fun and kids love it!

Now here are a few things I've found on etsy
This weeks theme is fish to go with our fish theme.
Click on the picture to link to the etsy item




I hope you enjoyed the 1st Thursday Homemade Love!

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  1. Now following you, thanks for hosting, happy to link up. I love fish!

  2. I love all of your new ideas dear friend and can't wait to see what the future holds for you and your blogs. Have a great day.

    1. Thanks ever so much! Thank you for all your support! (can you let me know if you get this message)

    2. I didn't get it through email. I think you have to cluck on the subscribe By email down by post and preview to get any replies.

  3. sounds like you have a plan! i hope you have a good day today!

    1. Thanks ever so much, I hope you enjoy the blog.


I hope you enjoy the blog!
Thank you ever so much for commenting!
I love reading everything you put and I will try and reply but it just depends on my health.
Thanks Sue