Saturday 17 March 2012

Guest Blogger Week 8 the Knitting Yarn

I would like say a big welcome to Ina from:

Thanks Sue for asking me to be a guest blogger.
My name is Ina, also known as “The Knitting Dr.”  I have two blogs, TheKnitting Yarn about knitting and crafts and Caregiving With Purpose for caregivers or carers.
I’ve been knitting since age 8.  My knitting has at times been sporadic, mostly due to the demands of schooling and a medical practice.  In recent years I rediscovered its joys.  And through blogging, found I enjoy teaching others.
Knitting, like many crafts, is therapeutic.  And it’s not just what knitters and crafters say. 
Knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning and other crafts stimulate the Relaxation Response.  After about 20 minutes of doing one of those activities, you really are relaxing!  Your muscles relax, blood pressure is lower and heart rate slows. 
It’s documented in the medical literature since the 1970s.  It only took medicine many centuries to document what crafters already knew.
Like many knitters, I’ve often turned to knitting for relaxation and comfort.  Not only can you relax, you also end up with a completed project you can enjoy or give away!  And you get the same effect with crocheting, spinning, weaving, tatting, etc.
When I was caring for my elderly mother, I knit for her.  Socks were especially helpful.  Her feet would get cold in the winter, and it was hard to get them warm.

Hand knit socks solved the problem nicely.  We tried them on as they were knit so they were custom socks.  And I’ll always remember the look of pleasure on her face when she first wore them – and her feet were instantly warmed and coddled.
When you’re knitting socks, an easy pattern is often a ribbed pattern.  The ribbing is gentle yet snug, and seems to stretch less than stockinette and some other pattern stitches.
There are many choices of yarn available, including some wonderfully soft ones with aloe.  They help soften feet every time they’re worn.  And as an added bonus for the knitter – knitting with the yarn softens your hands!

On The Knitting Yarn, you’ll find lots of free information.  And there’s a free Bronze Membership you can get at  Be sure to sign up for tips, specials and updates through the free newsletter offer part of the membership.
To your healthy and happy knitting,
Dr. Ina
“The Knitting Dr.”

The Knitting Yarn:
Caregiving with purpose:

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