Monday 26 March 2012

Review Monday Week 1

Good Morning Everyone!

Well it's actually sunny here still!
Little Red has spent the weekend playing out in the back garden.

Hubby had to work on Sunday so me and Little Red spent the morning together.
Then when hubby got back we all went with
my father-in-law and his partner to a garden centre.
It was my first real trip out since this crash.
Little Red, Granddad and Daddy
went on a miniature train round the grounds.
Me & Nana pottered round the garden centre.
It was nice to get out but I had to come back for a rest whilst they all went
round to theirs to play on the wii.

It makes such a difference when the weather is nice!
It's fantastic being able to sit in the conservatory

I got some wonderful things for my birthday:

 I got some yarn as well :-)
I've still got some presents to come.

I would like to review a children's set of books this week:

You can buy these books individually or in box sets.
We have two box sets already for Little Red.
No matter what his mood is he is always cheered up by these books.
The books are based around one family:
Mr & Mrs Boot, Poppy & Sam, the dog Rusty & other characters.
The illustrations are fantastic!
Little Red loves just looking at the pictures.
The other good thing about the illustrations is the fact
that each page has a hidden little duck.
We read the book first and then go back through
trying to find all the ducks.
The stories are fantastic in themselves.
The writing is big and clear.
The story is short but is still interesting.
Little Red loves readying what they all get up to
& each story is completely different.
I also like the fact that the stories
aren't too long!
They are just the right length for a bedtime story.
I love the way Little Red Interacts with these books!
I would highly recommend them.

I haven't received anything in return to the above review.
I have no affiliation with anyone & the views are my own.

I learnt a tough lesson this weekend.
I quoted someone prices for a number of hat patterns
I then read my figures wrong when converting it for payment
This meant they were only paying for the discount rather than the discounted price.
Then the customer didn't have a paypal account
so agreed to a money order.
I have now found out, it take 8 weeks to receive your money
& it costs you £8 - $12.69
None of this is the customers fault it is all my own
but I have learnt a hard lesson.
From now on Paypal payments only for international buyers
& I'll get hubby to check the figures first.

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  1. Those books look great. It's been so warm here. We are loving it! It makes the boys extra tired at night! I love an easy night of bedtime routines.

    1. Thanks. It's great when it's warm and they can play more. It does make bedtimes easier when they've had loads of fresh air. Hope the easy bedtimes carry on!


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