Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Middle of the night ramblings

It's nearly midnight and I am in loads of pain so
thought I would have some ramblings on here to take my mind off it.
You don't have to read them & I don't mind if you don't.

My left leg has been really bad for the last couple of months
and because I was limping so much my right leg and pelvis were really starting to hurt.
In my wisdom I decided to use a walking stick.
It was fantastic as the pain in my other leg eased within a couple of days.
What I hadn't reckoned for was the pain in my left arm from using the stick.
Oh well back to the drawing board.
It feels like someone is trying to put a dull ended metal rod down the inside of the bone in my arm.
I can't take my strong pain meds cause Little Red is ill again and I need to get him to the doctors.
Hence me waffling on here!
Doing other things and taking my mind away from the pain helps.
Not enough to let me sleep but enough that I can breathe through the pain.

Someone said to me yesterday am I always so cheerful.
The answer to that is no.
But saying that if I wallow in the worst and don't pick myself up it's only going to make things worse.
I've been dealt this card and nothing I or the doctors do is going to change that.

If we can afford a roof over our head, food on the table & Little Red is happy then life is wonderful.
I have a fantastic husband, which helps!
He is doing all the shopping, cooking, walking the dog etc.
He is working lots of hours at work at the moment as well.
He gave up anytime to himself last Saturday so he could build
Little Red a beautiful new bed.
I don't always show how much I appreciate what he does but I know he knows how much I do.

I know everyone in my family is stressing about what my next diagnosis might be.
I'm trying not to and to be honest I'm doing quite a good job.
Whatever it is I deal with it.
Worrying won't change it.

It's funny I saw someone I worked with yesterday.
They saw me going along with my walking stick and struggling to walk.
They said the usual "hi Sue how you doing"
what was i meant to say fantastic?
I said not so good, not so bad you know how it is.
It's funny you pass through so many peoples lives but there
are only so many people that touch you.
I will probably never see that person again and I know they only said it to be polite.
I don't mind that's life!
Anyway I've waffled enough at you.
The pain is still bad so I think I'll do a bit of Pinterest browsing.



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