Wednesday, 8 February 2012

WIP Wednesday 08/02/12

Just morning very one.
Negative: Still in a lot of pain and suffering fatigue with my CFS. 
New pain has started the side of my knee don't know where that came from
Positive: I am feeling a lot more mentally positive today!
The brain fuzz is still there but I feel a bit more myself.  I'm interested in things again which is good.
My making ideas are coming back!
My son is the cutest most loveable son!

I wanted to tell this lovely story first as it makes me smile :-)
Yesterday when my son came home from school I decided to come up with some things we could make that wouldn't be impossible with my cfs.
I decided to set up some things that we could make for Valentines day and would make use of some of the things we collect on holiday.
I have seen loads of pretty painted stones so decided to give them a go.
Here is a hint at one of them we made

I made one for my son with his name on it which he loved.
Me and my son both love pretty stones.
He got up this morning and was getting ready for school
but then stopped, ran and got his stone and asked if I could put his
girlfriends name on the otherside - see very cute and an aaaaahhhhhhh moment.
I agreed and started painting her name on the otherside.
Little Red then took it to school, as soon as she came in the playground he went running over.
For 2 mins he stood there just smiling at her getting up the courage to give it to her.
He then gave her his gift and showed her how his name was on one side and hers
was on the other.  
The only bad thing about this cute little story is because we were rushing to go to school
this morning I didn't get chance to get a picture.
It made my day to see how sweet my son can be :-)

Now I've got a surprise for you.........

My WIP this week isn't crocheted!
As you know I've been having some issues with my CFS
it means I am struggling to concentrate.
I didn't want to start something that I would more than 
likely make loads of mistakes on so I decided
to give the scary sewing a go.
I have never sewed in my life (well anything that could be called sewing)
So this is the start of my first sewing project:

It's in it's early stages but hopefully before Friday this is going to be a sock owl.
Fingers crossed.

My blanket is coming along slowly but surely.
Once I'm on par I'm sure I'll be able to get a lot more done.

Don't forget about the giveaway page,
loads of new giveaways added regularly.


Also don't forget I have a sale on my shop till the end of Feb:

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I found a fantastic book at the library for my son:

It is a funny cute story about Knitting.
The pictures are bright and beautiful and it is a really nice story.
How could anyone not love a story about owls, animals, knitting, wool...?

The latest book I'm reading.
It took quite a while to get into the book and I nearly gave up at one point
The story is getting better but it isn't up to usual standards.



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