Monday 13 February 2012

The Start of the future! - Crafting with Children

Thank you ever one for your wonderful comments!

This post may or may not make sense.
I have had to give in and take my pain meds.
These affected my brain so it might not make sense.

Firstly we had such fun yesterday!
Me & Little Red decided to 
try shaving foam art.
This is really easy to do and if you make sure you cover
everything you should be able to cope with the mess.

All you need is something to put the shaving foam on.
Some colours - I used poster paint but others use food colouring.
Then with a paint brush mix it up.

Then put the paper on top and press down.

Then lift up the paper

This is what we with our first go:

We are going to cut out hearts and stick them on some valentines cards
I'll add the pictures when they are ready.
Just waiting for them to dry.

Little Red loved this!! He loves making mess and he loved
how the texture is 3-D


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