Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Wednesday WIP 22/02/12

I would like to thank you all for your kind comments!
I went to the doctors today for a routine injection
and decided to bite the bullet and ask what
the neuro specialist letter said:

It informed the doctors that I was having an MRI
a nerve conduction test
& a electromyography test (really don't like the sound of this one)
It then gave a history of my conditions
& then it said something like:
A loss of c spine nerve conduction had been confirmed
I may not have the right words but it was something like that.

I'm not going to find out anything else now till I've completed all my tests.
I just don't know how long I'm going to have to wait to hear the results.
There is nothing I can do about it now so I'm going to put it to the back of my mind
and get on with living :-)

On the living note I have got some fantastic ideas in my head.
It may take me a while to get them out of my head and onto my hooks
but hopefully now I'm signed off and resting I might
be able to get over this crash!

I went to my mums for the day yesterday.
Little Red is off school for half term & I was struggling a bit.
Since being ill at the weekend his attention span has been really short
He has also been really really bouncy!
I dropped hubby off at work and then went to my mums after rush hour
It's the most I've driven since I got ill and it did take it out of me.
We went for a short walk to get Little Red to run off some of his energy.
That knocked me off my feet for the rest of the day!
It was worth it, Little Red seemed to calm down a bit.

Some of the things came that I won!
It was so exciting to come home and have parcels to open
First was the glass heart I won:
This was made by:

Sorry the pictures are playing up again!
The heart looks fantastic.
I've already started wearing it :-)

This is the print that I won from
I just couldn't believe it when I opened the package!
She not only sent the print I won she also
sent a wooden cat broach that is ever so cute,
a keychain heart and a beautiful card!

Then I wake up this morning to find I have won:
the giveaway was held and supplied by:

I am just so blessed and so lucky!

Now onto my WIPs

I have made a small amount of progress on my african flower blanket.
I have a few more ready to attach.

I have made a bit more progress on my 2nd blanket.

Come back on Friday and you never know I might have a little something
finished for Friday ;-)

I've just received a wonderful email from Anne from Crochet Dyverse.
She is doing posts about blogs that she likes and what
she likes about them.
The most wonderful thing is she picked me!
Little old me :-)
Please click on the link to check it out:

Blog Viewer

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