Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Sorry no WIP

Welcome everyone to WIP Wednesday
Only problem I don't have any pictures.
My hubby took the day off work as our bed was being delivered.
I dreamed of:
Odessa Divan Bed

But I got:

Yes that's right NOTHING!

We had an original date for the 8th Feb and that got
cancelled about 2 days before
It was rearranged for the 29th Feb and they will ring you before 10:30am
with a time slot.
No phone call
I rang them and the first person put me on hold for 10mins and then cut me off
Rang again the second person put me on hold for 15mins and then cut me off
Rang again and asked to speak to a manager and they said they would ring me back
They rang me back to say they had "lost my order"
But don't worry they can order another one (bearing in mind I have now been waiting 2 months already).

Our previous bed was a wooden bed so my husband had spent the morning taking it to pieces.

So now I have a mattress on the floor and no bed.

Everytime I walk into the bedroom I burst out laughing.

Oh well I think I'm on a hunt for a new bed.
Should be interesting getting into bed with the pain in my leg
but i don't care it's just too funny.
It could only happen to us!

Anyway I might not have any WIPs to show but I bet there are some other fantastic ones to check out:



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