Saturday 4 February 2012

Guest Blogger Week 2 Krys from Crafty Stuffs

Today I would like to welcome our guest blogger
Krys from Crafty Stuffs

Crochet- becoming a hooker –krys lefler
So , I have always been crafty.  My mom is crafty, so I get it from her.  Mom could always crochet, and although I had NO interest in crochet and more interest in fashion design as a teen, I ADMIRED crochet.  It looked too darn fun!
Fast forward to adulthood, living in Asheville and enduring a VERY hard winter.  Mom has sent a package of random crafts, included is a skein of cheap acrylic and an H hook.   Internet is finally back up and running, log onto Google and find instructions on How to Crochet.
Struggle with chain stitch till I get a grove going.
Struggle with SC til it feels right.
HDC and double.  Making my stitches even.
To most crocheters, this is rudimentary.  To me a bloody miracle I can hold a hook and craptastic yarn and do anything at all.  I have two hands that barely work when they want due to an injury that resulted in severed nerves in both hands.
Crocheting opens my crafting horizons.  Soon I am hooking any long bit of ‘yarn’ that crosses my path. 
This is the drug that eventually turns younger hookers into yarn bombers .  J

Thank you Krys for your wonderful post.
As you can see Krys has some wonderful work and over come so much!
Please take a look at her: 


  1. Lee Ann Hamm said:- She has a great blog! :) (on facebook on the crochet addict group page)

  2. Very neat! Love her earrings.


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