Friday, 10 February 2012

FO Friday 10/02/12

Today's post is a little later than normal
Bad night last night and in a lot of pain 
Well to take my mind off it it's snowing!
My son will be happy.

As you know I haven't been able to crochet as much lately
but me and my son have been having fun
making other things.
As my CFS is bad I feel guilty about
not being able to do things with him
so I come up with things that don't take
up much energy but he will still have fun

we painted some stones and shells :-)

made some hearts out grease proof paper
string and red crayon.


My FO for the week of crochet is.........

heart bunting

it was meant to go across but my son decided it had to go down.

we are creating a little celebration of Valentines day :-)

Big question for you now.  What is your favorite comfort food.
Mine is the usual chocolate, ice cream etc but last night
I decided on a banana sugar butty.
Does anyone else in the world love a good banana sugar sandwich?

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