Tuesday, 7 February 2012


This post is just a few of my thoughts 
if you don't want to read I don't mind.

Someone said to me yesterday that
I should be careful crocheting
when I asked why they said
"if I can do crochety stuff do I not think I can work"
This got me thinking about what people perceive when you put something on the internet.

I am signed off sick at the moment as my CFS is really bad.
At the moment I struggle to get up and get dressed.
I struggle to watch t.v. as the noise makes me tired.
I do watch about 1/2 hr - 1 hr but then it gets switched off.
Yes I do go on the computer but what people can't see is the fact I can only do a little bit,
stop, rest and then do a little bit more.  I only manage to post with the use of spell checker and reading it through because there are so many mistakes.

I tried to clean the ash out the fire and cut my hand open (co-ordination is altered by CFS)
I struggle holding a conversation as I am forgetting words or not saying the right word.
I have a hospital appointment on Thursday and I haven't got a clue how I am going to manage it.
This isn't about sympathy there is no need for it!
I have this disease and I'm living with it but I don't have it as bad as other people.

Due to the internet now people take things you say and do and can use it against you.
Does that scare me YES!
If I wrote this in a book no one would say anything
Whilst I've been ill I have managed one pair of fingerless gloves that took less than 2 hours.
Yes I do make some of the things I make available for sale but that is only
because I want to buy more yarn and need the funding for it.
I still make the things whether they sell or not.

Crocheting is my hobby that benefits my health
Blogging is lifeline as CFS is very isolating.
If crocheting was a tablet no one would think anything about it.

I really mean when I say I'm not writing this for sympathy.
I am writing this because before you judge someone on
what you think you see it might be better to find out the full facts first.



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