Saturday, 25 February 2012

Guest Blogger Week 5 Crochet Dyverse

I would like to say a big welcome to this weeks Guest Blogger Anne from Crochet Dyverse

I live in Kenya, twenty five years old, and I totally love crocheting but I usually knit, sew and also do jewelry. I find it easier crocheting than knitting. So I decided to start a blog and share most of my creative works. It has been a journey that has helped me grow. I have also made lots of friends through this and I am not planning to stop crocheting and blogging here are some photos some in my blog and some are not.
This is me we went for a class trip to Lake Bogoria or a class

One of my most amazing bags I have made

And some crocheted earrings

I am doing a tutorial of how to make a crocheted belt for this guest blog post.
Ø  Left over yarn (two colors) I used black and grey
Ø  A buckle

Ø  A needle

Ø  A crochet hook

Make sure that the yarn is heavy and the size of hook is proportionate to the thread for the right tension. The trick is to ensure that the belt does not stretch out.

Chain eleven stitches with the first yarn. (Or depending on the size of your buckle and how wide you want your belt.)
Dc on the second chain  ,  all through there after and turn. *chain one and dc till the end and turn*
Repeat ** till the length of belt you want
Then change to the other yarn (different color) till the length of the previous color
Now you have your belt twice the length you need
Press the belt so as to ensure the two colored stripes are equal
Place the buckle in the middle of the belt and do even running stitches just below it
The do even running stitches all over the belt using the main color thread
And voila you got your amazing crocheted belt

I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. The pattern is not yet tested so it might have some errors but since it’s an easy one you can make it work. I am wearing my belt with jeans. Wear it with something else and be creative

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Good day people!

Please all say a big thank you to Anne for her wonderful post!

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