Tuesday 3 February 2015

Valentine Heart Hand Warmers ~ Crafting With Crochet Addict UK

Valentine Heart Hand Warmers

Do you want something quick and easy to make for Valentines Day?

Why not make a heart hand warmer.

All you need is;
Sewing Thread - I used my Coats & Clark sewing thread
Paper & Pencil
Sewing Needle

Lavender Essential Oil (or another aromatherapy oil)
Dried Lavender

  • Create Heart Template
The first step is to create you template for your heart

First take a blank piece of paper and fold it in half

Draw half a heart from the folded edge of your paper
(the heart can be any size, make it to the size you would like your finished heart to be, but
don't forget your felt needs to be double the size)

Then draw another line about a cm away from the 1st
(this is your sewing edge)

Cut the template out
(on the outer edge)
Once you fold your template out
you will find you have the shape of your heart.

Fold your felt in half

Pin your heart to the doubled up felt
(you can use washable pen to draw round
the heart if you prefer)

Now you need to cut your heart out

You are now ready to sew the two halves of your heart together.
I hand sewed mine using the backstitch.
You can find instructions here
Don't sew all the way around,
leave a gap to turn your heart inside out.

Once you have sewed around (leaving the gap),
turn your heart inside out

Now it's time to get your rice ready.
You need enough rice to fill your heart
but not tightly.
It needs space when heating.
If you are using aromatherapy oil
add a few drops to the rice
and move it about to distribute the oil.
If you are using dried lavender add it now.
You don't need a lot.

Now fill your heart (remembering not too full)
Once you have filled your heart you need to sew the gap shut.

Your heart warmer is now ready.
You can make them any size you want.
The smaller hand warmers only take 20 seconds in the microwave.

Or why not have some fun and make some different shapes.
Little Red wanted some little monsters to keep
his hands warm in his gloves.

This Crafting How to is brought to you
by Crochet Addict UK
all copyright is held by Crochet Addict UK.

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  1. Such a cute project. I could do with some of these today, it's so cold...

    1. Thanks! They do keep your hands lovely and warm :-)


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