Sunday 22 February 2015

Sewing Needle Case ~ Crafting with Crochet Addict UK

Sewing Needle Case

Clover Wonder Clips (optional) 
Felt - Red, Cream & White (or colours of choice)
Sewing Needle
White Embroidery Thread (or colour of choice)
White Sewing Thread (Coats & Clark)
Flat Backed Beads (available from Prima Beads)
Scissors (Fiskars)
Glue (Liquid Fusion)
Sheep Cookie Cutter (or shape of choice)
Measuring Tape (Clover)
Air Erasable Marker (Clover)

Needle Case

Using your measuring tape and marker, mark off the size on the felt and cut with your scissors.

  • Cut your red felt - 20 cm x 10 cm
  • Cut your Cream felt - 19.5 cm x 9.5 cm
  • Cut 1st white felt - 15 cm x 9 cm
  • Cut 2nd white felt - 14 cm x 8 cm

  • Take your cream and white felts. Fold in half and mark where the middle is.
  • Place the cream on the bottom, then the 1st white, then the 2nd white, on top of each other (lining them up with there middle). Use the wonder clips to keep the pieces in place whilst sewing.

  • Using your white sewing thread and sewing needle, sew down the middle of the felt using a running stitch. Sew threw all levels. Once you have sewn down the middle sew another three lines to make it secure.

  • Take your red felt, fold in half, place cookie cutter on the felt and draw around the shape on the right handside.

  • Using your scissors cut out your shape

  • Turn the cream felt (with the white attached) so the cream felt is on top. Place the red felt on-top.
  • Use the wonder clips to keep the pieces in place.
  • Split the embroidery felt so you are only using three strands. 

  • Sew around using blanket stitch. You need to make sure you are only sewing the cream and red felt together.

  • Sew down the middle of the felt sewing through all the pieces of felt using a running stitch.
  • Glue the sheep (or shape of choice). Glue the red felt to the cream felt.

  • Use your glue to attach beads into a shape of choice. I used D to personalize it for me. 

Your needle case is now finished.

Why not use different shapes to celebrate different occasions; Easter, Christmas, etc.

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