Friday 6 February 2015

I've Made Friday Week 137

Good Morning everyone!
I hope your week is going well.

Wow this week has been a whirlwind.
I have been trying to be good and rest
but my mind is on overdrive with things
I want to do.

For some reason my mind has been stimulated
and it just won't stop.
I often wake in the early hours with the pain.
Now I am struggling to get back to sleep
because my brain won't stop.

I think I have enough ideas for the rest of my lifetime.

I've also been making this week.
We don't do Valentines day in our house.
We don't even really celebrate anniversaries.
However I love the holiday and showing
people how much you care.

I prefer to use natural products due to 
all the health issues I have.
This isn't always possible but one thing I do
love is homemade natural soaps.
Me and Little Red made some last year
but we gave them out as presents
and I've used our others up.
So this week we took some timeout
and made some more.

Mine is plain lavender
and I made some peppermint and tea tree ones as well.

As you've seen for the Crafty makes I've also been
making some things as well.

Then from making the above I got the idea
to make a heart basket garland.
I haven't finished it yet but I've designed the
little baskets to go on the garland.
I have some ideas for other celebrations as well.
Pot's of gold and rainbows for St.Patrick's,
Easter baskets & eggs for easter,
Chinese lanterns and red envelopes for 
Chinese New year etc.

I want the garland to be one that you can
add the different items onto throught-out
the year.
I love the idea of being able to change it.

I've finished a book this week
but I will be doing a full review of it
on a post.
It's the type of book that is brilliantly
written but you have so many emotions
about it that you are not sure how you feel.
I'll tell you more in the review.

I do have a sort of another finish.
I have made one glove so one is finished,
just not the pair.

I love Red Heart Unforgettable Yarn.
I know it might not stay as pretty for as long as other yarns
but the colours are irresistible.

Now it's time for linky love.
Please feel free to share anything you've made.
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  • I will try and visit as many people as possible.
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  1. I never thought of making those heart baskets with crochet. How clever!

    1. They are really fun to make and are brilliant to put gifts in, use as decoration or add to a garland.

  2. I never thought of making those heart baskets with crochet. How clever!

  3. Beautiful crochet things, they are my fave. Those heart baskets are simply adorable. My mother is very talented, I own beautiful tablecloth and doilies she made. I never learned, shocks!
    Have a great weekend.

    1. You should learn, crocheting is amazing fun. It's so easy to make things up with crochet. Thanks, so glad you like them. It's beautiful to have something to treasure and pass down.

  4. I absolutely love your crocheted heart baskets for the garland! The colors add to the delicate look.


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