Monday 9 February 2015

Hair Chalk ~ Product Review

Available direct from Kiss Naturals


The whole ethos behind Kiss Naturals
is to provide you with fun products that you and your
children can make themselves.
The ingredients are all safe, natural products so
your mind is put at rest
that you can use the products safely.

Not only that they are great

In this box contains everything you will need
to be able to create brilliant coloured hair chalks.
You can have fun making them and you can have fun using them.

The hair chalks are coloured using Mica which is a safe, 
natural mineral that flakes into thin sheets that help to give it its natural glittery sheen

In this pack you get everything you need to make 6 different coloured chalks.

First when you open the pack you will find everything you need to get started.


You get the molds, coloured powders, mixing spatula, mixing jug and purified water.

First you measure an amount of water into the jug.

Add the powder.

And mix.
You will be amazed how quickly the powder
turns into a liquid mixture.

Then it's just a case of putting them into the molds.
You leave them for a few hours in the mold
and then a few hours to completly dry.

Then it's time to have some fun!

They are super easy to use and easily wash out so no stress
when it's time for school.

We had such fun making them! And even more fun using them!
Little Red's friends have already asked where they can get there own :-).

Available direct from Kiss Naturals


I received this book to review. 
However all opinions expressed are my own.
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