Thursday 5 February 2015

Valentine Heart Gift Baskets ~ Crafting with Crochet Addict UK

Valentine Heart Gift Baskets

Paper ~ 2 different coloured pieces
Pencil (or pen)
Stick Glue

Take 2 pieces of paper

Put them together and fold them in half

The folded edge now needs to face you.
Mark off 8 cm from the edge
(you can make 2 baskets by marking 8 cm 
from the other edge)

Draw the following shape
& cut it out;

Mark off 2 cm x 3
on each of the shapes

Cut along the lines part way up

You can now take the two pieces of paper apart

Now it's time to start weaving them together.
Once piece will go through the pink, 

Then the pink will go through the purple

Carry on weaving the pieces.
Purple through the pink, then pink through the purple.
Once you have completed the first row
you move onto the next.
As you finish a row push it up so that you can add the next row.

When you finish all the rows it should look like this;

If you open the heart you will find you now have a basket.

From the paper you haven't used you need to cut
a handle.

Using a glue stick attach to the heart

Your basket is now finished

Little Red is giving his relatives
some soaps that he has made.

This Crafting How to is brought to you
by Crochet Addict UK
all copyright is held by Crochet Addict UK.

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  1. Fun project! I'll have to try this one with my daughter

    1. So glad you like it. Little Red put some little soaps in them and gave them to family. Hope you and your daughter have fun with them :-)


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