Wednesday 4 February 2015

Valentine Bookmarks ~ Crafting With Crochet Addict UK

Valentine Bookmark

White Embroider Thread (or colour of choice)
Sewing needle

I actually used the left over felt
from my valentine heart hand warmers

Take 2 pieces of felt
that have a corner and two sides
(this will be the corner of your bookmark)
(they don't have to be large)
fold them in half
So the 2 edges are together.

Now taking your scissors cut the top shape of a heart 

When you unfold the felt
you should have a heart shape
with the corner being the bottom of the heart

Take the embroidery thread and split it in half

Knot a couple of times at one end
and then thread the other on your needle

Now put the thread from back to front
on the top heart

It should stop where the knot is on the thread.
Now take the thread from the back of the
bottom heart and through the top heart
in the same place as the starting stitch.

Now using a blanket stitch sew around the two sides of your heart.
Check out the instructions here

Knot your end around the finishing stitch.

Your bookmark is now complete

You can make them in different sizes and colours

This Crafting How to is brought to you
by Crochet Addict UK
all copyright is held by Crochet Addict UK.

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