Monday 5 August 2013

Wow what a fantastic day at Knowsley Safari Park

For Little Red's birthday we took him and a friend to Knowsley Safari Park.

You start off driving your car round the Safari 
so you can get up close and personal.
Whist in the Safari the kids don't have to wear seat belts 
or sit on their booster seats.
The kids thought this was fantastic as they could then
easily see everything that was going on.
the African Wild Dogs & the Tigers
are behind a fence but everything else is next to your car.
This includes the Lions
They were fast asleep in the morning when we went past.
In the afternoon they decided to wake up
That was right at the side of the car.

The bit the boys loved the best was the Monkey area.
You can either drive round the other side of the fence
or you can go through and risk your car being
destroyed by monkies.
The boys loved the monkies jumping on the car.
Luckily we didn't get any damage.
They did try.
When we went back round in the afternoon the place was littered
with parts of cars.
There were so many animals to see

At the other end we decided to stop for some lunch before going
in the part of the park you can walk around.
Little Red had brought his Snot the Zombie pack
with his lunch in.
It's such good fun!
He loves taking it out everywhere.
He loves seeing peoples faces when he sets it off.

Then it was off round the park to see the other animals:
And of course his Snot pack had to go with him :-)

 They even have fun fair rides & a small train you can buy tickets for:

We had a fantastic day out and Little Red loves being

I would highly recommend a day out at Knowsley Safari Park
If you book online you get a 10% discount

It's also a day out you can enjoy in the rain.
Whilst the animals might be getting wet 
you can stay dry in your car.
You can also go round the park as many times as you want.
We went round once in the morning and again in the afternoon.
It was amazing the difference in how the animals behaved
at the different times of day.

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