Monday 12 August 2013

Making a hot room cool

This may seem like a really odd post
but I want to share because the results are fantastic!!!

Little Red's bedroom gets the sun all afternoon and evening.
In the summer it gets super hot and can be 5 degrees hotter than the rest of the house.

We purchased an air conditioning unit
but if we use it I worry about the cost.

Then we found a fantastic cheap alternative!!


We purchased ours off Ebay from a shop called:

You can see out perfectly and anyone looking in
can hardly see anything.
The film is just attached by water and it stays in place.
It's a really easy job to do and Little Red now has a lovely
cool bedroom.
We couldn't believe the difference!!!!!!

Here are the details from Ebay:

Keep Your Conservatory Private & Cool During The Summer & Insulated In The Winter

Enjoy a cool conservatory this summer
Solar Film(TM) cuts heat and UV rays by up to 80%

  • Features
  • Fits all conservatory windows in minutes
  • Reduces heat, glare and UV rays by 80%
  • Attaches electro-statically, easy to remove, leaves no marks
  • Prevents colour fade of upholstery

Solar Film(TM) is a patented, soft, flexible, space-age fluro-plastic that adheres to any window in minutes. Stays in place electro-statically and leaves no marks when removed.
It's special bronze-tinted composition filters out harmful UVA, UVB and UVC radiation by up to 80%, dramatically reducing heat build-up and harsh solar glare.
Solar Film(TM) can be wiped clean and is easily removed for reuse elsewhere.
Solar Film(TM) also acts as an insulator in winter, reducing your heating bills.
Available in three sizes, easy to cut to size and is supplied with applicator.
Ideal for conservatories, caravans, greenhouses, shops, offices, schools etc.
Please note that this item has a bronze type tint that works like that on a tinted car screen and is not the reflective mirror type tint

Believe me it works!


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  2. what a great idea ! did not even know it existed !

    1. I was surprised how much it worked. It's such a cheap alternative!

  3. We need this for LuLu's room. Hers gets so hot in the summer!!

    1. It's well worth trying. Not too expensive but makes a huge difference.

  4. Oh by the way you are one of the featured post for this weeks Monday Funday so come by and have a peek.

    1. Thank you ever so much!!!! I've shared so hopefully sending more people your way :-)


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