Wednesday 7 August 2013

What You Doing Wednesday Week 70

I hope everyone's week is going well!

It's still the summer holidays so things are a bit hit and miss.
Little Red was meant to be staying at Granny & Grandads
but unfortunately Great Granny got ill.
She has alzheimer's and so isn't able to explain 
what is up with her.
It's difficult on my mum and dad as they are her carers.
 She is 92 years old so anything that hits her hits her hard.
The doctor agrees that putting her in hospital wouldn't
be the best course of action.
With her have alzheimers it would just make the situation worse.
Fingers crossed they get to the bottom of what is wrong with her
and hopefully clear it up.

As he was staying at home we decided to have some fun.
We decided to make an assault course.
I timed him and he tried to see if he could get faster and faster
First we started with a blank that he had to go under and then over

The it was onto walking the blank.
He had to walk 2 steps forward, turn round on his tip toes.
Pirouette for the count of five and then walk backwards.
Then he had to go up and down the step ten times.
 Then it was onto the trampoline for 20 jumps.

 He had such fun and it was a nice change to be out and doing something.
We've had it out quite a few times and even managed it in the house
when it was raining.

On a more positive note me and Little Red have had loads of fun.

Each holiday I try to buy a science experiment for us
to have a go at.
For the summer I bought bubble science

We haven't done half the things the set teaches you to do.
You get everything to make the different shapes and sizes to
how to make a bubble like a piece of paper, bubbles inside bubbles, 
bubbles on top of bubbles and bubbles inside jars.
It's such fun and you are learning at the same time.
The set also gives you recipes so you can make your own bubble mixture.
It's fantastic!!!!
We've already had the set out and using it about 6 times and we plan on getting it
out loads more!!
I would highly recommend it.
Not only can you supervise and explain so they learn more
they can also carry on themselves.
I give this set
5 out of 5

This week I'm making:
I'm making good progress but it might take me a couple more weeks to finish.
It's a fantastic #free #crochet pattern from
Sara Duggan
This is what it should look like:
Learning Crochet: Tall Fans Stitch | Crochet Blogs | New to Blogging | Make Money Working From Home | Crochet Business Interviews | Affiliates Partners | Selling Crochet Tips

I received this pattern free to review.
All views expressed are my own.

I'm also making
This is hopefully what it should look like finished:
I received this pattern free to review.
All views expressed are my own.

I'm also making a Candy coin purse
from Augusts Inspired Crochet Magazine;
They have loads of fantastic patterns in it this month!
August 2013
I'm so glad I subscribed to the magazine.
There are so many projects I want to make each month!

I'm also designing a hat:
This is going to be
A Big Blue Monster
I'm hoping to make a Little Green Monster after that.

I'm reading:
This is the story of Madison Amber Rose and how she died.
It's very complicated.
My mind feels like it's going to explode at times.

I'm Listening to:
The Paradise Mystery by Joseph Smith Fletcher
This is another free audio book from:
Books Should be Free
The story is about a quiet cathedral town in England,
full of gossips and people who are not quite who they seem to be,
is the setting for this murder mystery.
I've only just started but I'm really enjoying it!

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