Monday 26 August 2013

Fantastic trip out to Blackpool Zoo

We went out and had a fantastic trip to

Me, Little Red, Granny & Grandad had a fantastic day out.
The weather was fantastic for the most part.
We did have a little rain so we decided it would
be safer not to take Little Red's Snot pack.
Apart from that the sun shined and we had a fantastic time.

Little Red insisted that the first place we went was the dinosaur area.
Now it doesn't have the fantastic electronics that Chester Zoo has.
But you know what Little Red prefered it that way.
He loves the way it is set out like you are in the prehistoric era.
There are dinosaur footprints in the path to follow.
The speakers play noises of different dinosaurs as you go around.
 As you can see they are life size 
 Little Red loves the fact you can touch some of them.
 You can even go behind the water fall.
 The natural wildlife was out in full force
 They do shows throughout the day. 
You can even get pictures taken with the Macaws.
When you arrive they give you a list of what you can see when.
Such as feeding of the wolves.
 This poor little monkey was stressed about the seagulls flying above his cage.
These a tree hugging porcupines. 
They looked very funny up a tree.
 Blackpool Zoo also has areas where you can go into the enclosures with the animals
 It was amazing to see them soo close!
 There are so many amazing animals to see

We didn't manage to see all the animals
so are planning another trip with daddy.
They are in the middle of building an arguntang pen
so we'll probably go once that is finished.
Last time we went the penguin area wasn't finished so it was
fantastic to see all the penguins swimming about.

I would highly recommend a day out at blackpool zoo.
You can also go on the train ride or play in the play areas.
They also now have a farm animals barn 
where the children can pet the animals.
There is also a play area (with a big bench for the parents to sit on).
And a plastic cow that you can learn to milk the cow.

Why not take a picnic. Whilst you are eating the children
can go and play.


  1. We've never been to Blackpool Zoo although it is quite local. I adore lemurs though so really should make the trip!

    1. It's well worth visiting and it's not too big. We found Chester Zoo a bit too big for Little Red to see most of it. If you adore lemurs you have to visit. You go in the inclosure with them and as you can see there is one that quite likes being next to everyone.

  2. Fab photos. I'm guessing you had a fantastic time! Xx

  3. Lovely photos - I've yet to go to Blackpool Zoo so I might next year!

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  4. ooks like you had a really great time. I've never been to Blackpool zoo that might be one for us to try! Great photos too x

  5. Have you been to South Lakes? That's a wonderful zoo as well.

  6. Looks like a great day out! I'd be terrified of the Dinosaurs though!

    Kate Hurn x

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