Friday 2 August 2013

I've Made Friday Week 70

I hope you are all having a good week.
I can't believe we are in August already.
Where is the time going?

Little Red has picked up his glasses
I can't believe how much older he looks!
We are going to be trying them out over the next couple of weeks
to see if it helps with his reading.
We have agreed that if they really help with his reading then he
can get another pair for school.
The optometrist didn't have any of the cool designs that are out there
so we'll go elsewhere and get some he really likes.
It will be easier having one pair kept at school and one pair kept at home.
Otherwise you know they will only get forgotten.

One of the shops I featured yesterday has a few more items listed in their shop.
I thought I would let you have a look at them
Newborn or 0-3 months Baby boy royal prince 2013 crystal hat mittens vest bib one piece suit clothing gift set baby shower idea Newborn or 0-3 months Baby boy royal prince 2013 crystal hat vest mittens bootees bandanna bib clothing gift set baby shower idea Newborn or 0-3 months Baby boy Rhinestone crown/ Prince ideal for coming home from hospital set  Hat bib sleepsuit vest mitts bootees
Premature baby prem tiny blue prince clothing outfit set bundle 3-5lbs or 5-8 lbs onesie hat cardigan socks Baby boys white mummy & daddys prince hat and 2 bibs rhinestone sparkly gift set new baby Newborn or 0-3 months Baby boy royal prince 2013 crystal hat mittens vest bib one piece suit clothing gift set baby shower idea

Crochet Addict UK Reviews
This week I have finished:

The pattern is from:
I made mine a bit shorter as I have little stubby hands.
I love how they turned out.
This was a really easy pattern to follow
and I am sure even a newbie would be able to follow it.
I might make another pair for my gran.
Beth has loads of fantastic patterns for both knitters & crocheters:
Ga11_small Kyra9_small2 Yamileht_1_small2
St_croix_2_small2 Winter_bauble_side_small2 Baby_bella_shoes_close_up_small2
Ella_front_view_medium Ella_bella_small2 Sienna1_medium

You can find Beth at:
Ravelry     &      Etsy

Beth gifted me the pattern
but all views expressed are my own.

I also managed to finish off my Pig Hat
It's a fantastic #free #crochet pattern from
There were a couple of small mistakes but I've let Crafter Chick know about them.
The instructions were really easy to follow.
I love the way she made the nose.

I haven't finished my scarf yet but I'll hopefully have it finished for next week.

I read this week:

  The story is based around Annie Ogden.
She is ex Army back from Iraq.
Her ex turns back up in her life and things
start to spiral out of control.
The next thing is a friend is dead and her ex
is arrested for the murder. 
She knows he is innocent but 
needs the help of her fiance to prove it.
At first the story was too slow for me.
I didn't feel the characters at first but once the real
story started I really started to enjoy it.
I would of preferred the real story to start sooner.
I think some of the things that happened in the first part
weren't needed.
I'm giving it 
3.5 out of 5

I also finished reading:
The Middle of Things by Joseph Smith Fletcher
The Middle of Things
is another free audio book from
Books Should be Free
I am really enjoying J.S.Fletcher's books
and this one was no exception.
It starts with the murder of a gentleman
for the secrets he holds.
Can Viner (the main character in the book) prove
that his friend is innocent of the murder?
As he sets out to investigate and get the proof he needs
the story has lots of twists and turns.
I love the way you are always guessing who is involved
and what the next clue will reveal.
I give the book
5 out of 5

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Now it's your turn to share what you've made this week.
It doesn't have to be crochet, anything you are making
is perfect.

Please add the pin to your post & check out a couple
of other people that are sharing their work.

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  1. Hello Mr. Piggy!! He is too cute.

  2. I have short hands too...they never grew up with the rest of me. My little girls hands look more adult than mine. Love the pig!

    I am just sitting sipping my drink and taking a look-see at what everyone is up too.

    With All That I Am
    Carrie - The Handmade Homemaker

    1. Carrie
      It can be handy having small hands when things get stuck and you need to fish them out.
      My sons are the same. I don't think it will be long before his are bigger than mine.
      Sounds like a nice relaxing time. I love looking at other peoples blogs. I've lost count of the amount I follow.

  3. Amazing projects! My favorite is the piggy hat.

    Thanks fos hosting, here's my FO:

    1. Thanks, you are more than welcome! Thank you for joining in.

  4. Love the wrist warmers and piggy hat!


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