Monday 19 August 2013

Dyslexia Update & Learning.

Since I last posted Little Red has his glasses

They have made such a difference he isn't needing to use the coloured sheets.
Turns out he needed reading glasses.

I've learnt a number of things whilst helping him
  • Keep the learning times short. I started off at 5 mins. Once he could cope with that we upped it by a minute. We are now up to 8 mins. I tried it for a few days and if he coped we then moved up a min.
  • Set off a timer so that a sound is made when they can finish. Don't let the child see the timer otherwise they'll spend more time looking at the time than working. 
  • Make things fun where you can.
  • Change the way he is learning things so it doesn't get boring. We've been reading, writing, puzzles, music, sums & games.
  • Practice the top 100 English words over and over again.

We've been using quite a few different books.
The good thing about this is that everything seems different to him.
In reality he is practising some things over and over.

Also if your child is struggling to read the book
don't be afraid to copy the information onto a page so they can read it easier

also get them to practice skills as often as possible

Now it is the school holidays so we are only doing a maximum of 4 tasks per day.
I let him have the weekends off.
There are some things I add that Little Red enjoys.
We have the music of the times table playing in the background whilst he is playing.
We also play lots of games. Little Red loves picking games to play
and most of them are educational.

Each evening just before bed we have some quiet time. 
During this time Little Red reads me some of a book
and I read him a book. 
During this time we also practice his top words.
If you do a search on the internet you can find
the top 100 used words in English.

We have split them up and each evening we practice a selection of them.
Once he knows them off by heart we move onto the next bookmark.
Then we bring it back every so often as a quick reminder.

The big thing I am learning is there is no quick fix.
Practice practice practice.

I'm so proud of all the work he has put in already.
I can see a difference already.
I think the difficult thing is going to be carrying on when he is at school.
That's the next bridge that we have to cross.


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