Thursday 28 August 2014

Wizzimal ~ Product Review

Wizzimals are fantastic fun!

We recived a black and red pack to review.
As soon as Little Red saw the colours he knew what
he wanted to make.

He wanted to make an Evil Stampy Cat.
It's from his favorite game Minecraft.
Stampy Cat is a character that has been created by
a player of the game.
You can watch his channel on You Tube

So first we designed what we were going to make.

Then we opened the pack and saw all the amazing things
you get to make your character car.

You receive 3 colours of foam - black, white & red,
stickers & googly eyes.
You also receive the pull back car.

The foam is brilliant.
It's super light weight foam that can be shaped to
make any fantastic character.

You start by adding your base colour to your vehicle.
And shaping it.
It's really easy to add and shape so Little Red had no problems.
There isn't a problem with it sticking to the toy shape.

You can then either let the base colour dry or add your 
next colours straight away.
Be aware that if you add them straight away the colours
stick together really well so only add them once you
are sure that's where you want them to be.

We added ours straight away.

Once you have added the foam you leave it overnight to dry.
Once it's dry you can add any stickers etc. you want to add.
They are really easy to make so kids can make them themselves.

So this is our Evil Stampy Cat #Wizzimal

The brilliant thing is that there was still loads of foam left
so Little Red made a little monster as well.

I can honestly say we had loads of fun making our Wizzimal!
You can find out more information about them on the Tobar site

I would highly recommend them as a fun and interesting
project for kids (and big kids).
I love the fact that at the end of the make you have a fun toy
to play with!
You pull it back and watch it go :-)
Well worth trying and Little Red has already asked
if we can buy another pack and make some more toys.

I found them at:

I received the product to review.
However all opinions expressed are my own.
No monies were exchanged.


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