Saturday 9 August 2014

Green Science Weather Station ~ Product Review

by 4M

As you know when ever Little Red is on holiday
we buy a few science projects to do over the break.
With Little Red being dyslexic he learns better by
seeing and doing.
This makes science projects ideal for him!

This summer one of the science projects we purchased
was the Green Science Weather Station.


The pack includes all the parts you need except for a plastic bottle.
Most drinks bottles are suitable.
Included in the pack is a weather vain - wind direction.
Wind spinner - How fast the wind is going
Thermometer - temperature
Test tube - the water collects in this and you can measure the qty of water collected.
Compass - so you can tell which direction the wind is coming from. 


It's very easy to put together, they just stack onto of one another
on the main piece.
Little Red had no problem putting it together.

We placed marbles in the bottom of the bottle to keep it standing.
It's a good idea to place it in a shady place otherwise
your temperature can be the temperature of the sun and not the 
actual ambient temperature.

Everything you need to know is explained in the handy guidebook
We started Little Red's at the start of the holidays.
Each evening he marks down his readings.
Once we've finished we are going to teach him how
to make his own graph to show his findings.
He has been soo much more interested in the weather since
we set it up.
He actually enjoys it when it rains as it means he has more
to measure :-).
The only negative I have is the weather vain is a bit small.
As it's so small it doesn't always turn in the wind.
We have sanded it and added oil, I think it could do
with being a slightly bit bigger.

On a positive note, it's really fun, teaches children so much and
is easy enough that they can take the readings themselves.

As you can see from the last picture it's raining here
so Little Red is going to enjoy taking his water level today :-).

I would highly recommend this kit!
It's fun, easy to make and easy to understand.
It's something that you can do on a daily basis
and kids love to see the differences in the weather.

We purchased this product ourselves.
All opinions expressed are my own.
Affiliate links are included on this post.
No monies were received for this post. 

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