Saturday 23 August 2014

Good Customer Serivce

This week I bought my groceries
from Tesco online.

My husband usually does the shopping 
but I had a voucher to use to check
out their new veg service.

The online shopping was really easy to use
and when I realised I'd forgotten something
it was really easy to add it to the order.

The price of the delivery was only £1.

The delivery man arrived on time
and was very friendly and helpful.

Unfortunatley when it came some of the
veg had been packed incorrectly.
The pack of Jacket Patatoes had been
placed on top so they had damaged the items underneath.

Not a problem I emailed customer service
with the issues and I was credited for the items.
They then phoned me to check everything was okay
and that the situation was resolved.
They also apologised!
This makes a huge difference with customer service with me.

The next day the store themselves rang to 
make sure everything was okay, 
the issue was resolved
and what they could do to make sure it doesn't have again.
I explained the only problem was the way it had been packed.
I explained that rice crackers were at the bottom and 
the jacket potatoes had been placed on top.
This meant fruit was bruised and the crackers were crushed.
They were brilliant and said they would give the member
of staff extra training and it wouldn't happen again.

At all times I wasn't made to chase and 
they went out of their way to make sure that I was happy.
They wanted to make sure the situation was resolved
and I was satisfied.

I think a lot of other companies could take
a look at their customer service
and take a page out of #Tesco's book.


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