Saturday 23 August 2014

Bad Customer Service

I don't normally use this blog 
like this but after nearly a month
of trying to get my issues sorted
and getting more and more frustrated I've had enough!

In January I purchased a #Samsung P3 portable drive.
It wasn't cheap and I could of bought cheaper models.
I choose to buy a Samsung product as I have numerous
Samsung items and have always found them trustworthy.
This turns out to be wrong with the portable drive.
In hindsight I should of searched deeper for people
having problems.
It seems the issues I've been having have happened to
numerous other people.

The P3 Portable Tr1 drive
One minute it was working and the next my laptop
couldn't see it.
It see's it enough to be able to eject it safely from the computer,
but not to see the data.
I tried numerous ports and different computers but still the same.

I tried using Samsung's online email form.
No matter how I tried it wouldn't work.
I didn't want to ring as due to my disability and brain fog
I prefer to deal by email.
After searching for ages the only email address I 
could find was the recruitment email.
I emailed them explaining my disability and issues.
Quite a few days later they replied with the telephone number.
I gave up and rang.
The person on the other end was really nice and said they
would send out a cable to see if that would work.
Unfortunately it didn't. 
I rang again and they said yes my drive was in warranty if I sent it
back they would send a replacement.
I asked what about my data.
They said if I read the warranty agreement my data wasn't covered!
I bought a drive to store data but my data isn't covered??
What is the point in the product then?
When I said I needed it recovered they gave me a telephone
number for a company that would recover it .
The only thing is I would have to pay for it.
So I rang the number and was quoted £450!
I used to work in IT and there is no way it costs £450 ($745.76).
So I sent a message to Samsung on Facebook.
They forwarded it to the customer service.
I then have to explain everything to them again.
I explained it wasn't a query any more it was a complaint!
I then get told to go onto their website and find a service site near me.
The search is very restricted so I entered my postcode, selected the options
and selected the highest option of 50 miles away.
It came back with nothing.
I emailed them back again.
They then gave me the telephone numbers for a 
"recovery" company and a Service site in Manchester.
The first company tells me they can back my data up
but if there is a fault with the drive they can't deal with it.
The service centre doesn't answer the phone.

As you can imagine I am now at the end of my tether!
I have luckily found a local company 
that is going to try and get my data back.

Sometimes big companies get too big.
The thing to remember is no matter how big you are
customer service matters.

I love gadgets and have a family that love gadgets.
It's certainly changed my future purchase decisions.


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