Thursday 14 August 2014

Glow in the Dark Solar System ~ Product Review

by 4M

This is another one of the science projects we bought
for this summer.
Little Red loves anything about planets and stars so this is ideal!

The thing I love about this kit is everything is included
and it's small so it isn't going to take up loads of space.

Everything you need to make it comes in the pack and
the instructions are really easy to follow.

Each of the planets has a letter on the inside so you know which planet is which.

There are full instructions including pictures for you to follow.

We decided to build the system before we painted it and then
painted the larger ones in place.
The smaller ones we took off and painted holding the metal stick.

As you can see Little Red rally concentrated on getting
each of the planets painted.

I helped with the smaller details and he painted the main colours.

Once we had finished painting all the planets we covered all of
them in glow in the dark paint.
You can paint just specific parts of the planets but Little Red
wanted it all to glow.

As well as the instructions you receive an information sheet
that gives you facts about each of the planets.

It only measures approximately 5 1/2" high (14cm) and 7" (18cm) wide.
Little Red has a little shelf next to his bed and he loves
seeing it there.
Each of the arms is marked with the name and details about
the planet so you don't need to worry about remembering everything.

Little Red loves his solar system and he loved making it.
It took a whole morning up making it and 
he is now trying to remember the names of each of
the planets in order.

I purchased this product myself.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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