Monday 22 July 2013

WOW what a fantastic day out!

We have had such a fantastic weekend.
The weather has been beautiful and life is looking up :-)

Saturday morning Little Red got ready to go see Mr Bloom.
Cbeebies was having a free event at Bolton Moss Bank Park
Little Red got his Snot bag ready.
He won't go anywhere without his WOW Zombie pack.
He was so excited that he could take his stuff with him.
Then it was off to the Park
We started the day off with an ice-cream.
Little Red put more on his face than in his mouth :-)

Then it was off into the event.
It was really well organised and there was loads for the children to do.
Little Red was that excited about Mr Bloom he didn't want to do much.
He was a bit over whelmed. 
If there is an event near you I would highly recommend it!
They had everything from a childrens bike that as you cycle you make your own smoothie.
Play shopping to meet and greet the animals.

It was lucky that Little Red took his Snot the Zombie pack.
When it came to seeing Mr Bloom we had to queue for 15 mins.
Luckily Little Red kept all the children around amused
showing off Snot, his noises and movement.
It makes you smile sooo much when you see the surprise 
on their faces when it moves.
Then the look on their faces when the snot comes out is brilliant.
The boys loved it the most!
Most parents loved it as well as they found it so funny!

When we were finally let in to sit down
we had another 15mins to sit around waiting for the show.
Little Red sat playing with his Snot bag :-)
He loves the proximity sensor and the different options
for making the eyes and snot move.
It's really good because you can have it in silent mode as well 
so it doesn't bother the people around you.
The pack kept him well entertained, which is no mean feat when 
you are waiting for something you are really excited about.
This is the only picture I managed to take of the Mr Bloom show.
As soon as it was about to start they banned us for taking any pictures :-(
The show was really funny. They had cushions at the front for the children to sit on.
Little Red sat right at the front and thoroughly enjoyed himself.

Once we had finished watching the show we decided to make our way home.
The park had arranged for other things in the park as well.
Little Red couldn't resist the fire-engines.
All in all it was a fantastic day out!
We received a free Wow Snot the Zombie pack
to review but all views expressed are my own
and no monies were exchanged.


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