Monday 22 July 2013


Have you heard of the new super hero game for kids?
Herotopia is a fantastic way for kids to play and interact in a safe environment.
Hero's also appeal to both girls and boys.
You can create a hero and play for free
or you can join the membership
and play and create with all the extra's.

Even playing free you get to personalise you character,
interact with other players and go on missions to save the world.
In each part of the world there are different games to play
and they have different levels so children of different ages
can play without difficulty.

When you first join you child designs their hero
to their colours and specifications.

If you join as a member you get to:
As you play the game you get different hints and clues
to help you find different items round the world.
You also have to beat the villains when you find them. 
All the other hero's in the world also fight them with you.

In each part of the world you have different games to play
that use different skills.
You play everything from snowball fights to making a fruit drink
by collecting more than 3 fruits together.

Little Red has fished for his first smighty
and we are waiting for the ice to defrost
to see if he collected one and what smighty 
it might be.
He is sooo excited I don't know how he
will wait the 12 hours till it's defrosted :-)

Little Red is looking forward to playing all the different games.
There is sooo much to explore I am sure he'll be playing
it for a long time.
He is also looking forward to making some new
friends from around the world.

I hope you'll go and check the game out.
I know I enjoyed having a go
at the different games ;-)


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