Monday 1 July 2013

Blog Services

I blog about products, places, crochet, crafting, life, loves, family, books (both Adult and Children’s books) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

The services I now offer for free are:

  • Product/Place Review – a single post will posted with a full review in my own words about the experience and product. This will be then posted, g+, tweeted about etc. I usually include pictures of a number of your items that are available in your shop (including links).
  • Crochet Pattern Review – I provide the yarn and other materials required. In return for the pattern I will post on a Wednesday during the making of the pattern. I will also post a full review of the pattern on a Friday post and include links where people can purchase a pattern.
  • Giveaway Hosting – I offer a free giveaway hosting service. I use rafflecopter for people to enter with. You can choose where in the world can win the giveaway. You are responsible for the supply and delivery of the prize. You can choose which links etc. you want as entries to the giveaway. I usually run the giveaway over 2 weeks to try and increase the amount of entrants.
  • Giveaway Linky – Every Sunday I find giveaways for people (as well as any giveaway I am hosting) and offer a linky so anyone can add a giveaway onto the post.
  • What You Doing Wednesday Linky - Anyone can link to any current project that they are in the progress of making. It doesn't matter what format (crochet, knitting, crafting, felting, etc.) 
  • I've made Friday Linky - Anyone can link to any finished project. It doesn't matter what format (crochet, knitting, crafting, felting, etc.) 
  • Guest Blog Posts - I am currently booked up till Feb 2014. Each Saturday I offer a guest blog slot to a guest blogger.  The guest blogger has the choice of what they want to blog about or I can send questions instead. The post has to be to me the Thursday before the post goes live.

In return for all the free services I offer I only ask that you let your followers know about where they can find your post/giveaway on my blog. 

Keep checking back as new services coming soon!

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