Saturday 20 July 2013

Use your Library!

Unfortunately this weeks Guest Blogger

has moved house so wasn't able to post
so instead:

USE your library before it disappears!

This is a subject close to my heart!

Soo many libraries have already shut in the UK.

Do your part and use your library so we can keep as many open as possible. 

Libraries in the UK have a Reading Challenge for children this summer.

It's free to sign up!

When you sign up each child receives a creepy house pack 
The pack includes 
A poster for the children to attach their sticker to.
On the back you rate the books you've read
Swap cards & another surprise.

You choose a book to read or an audio book 

Each time you've read a book you write the name on and rate the book. Take it back to the library and each time you collect a sticker. Some of the stickers are even Scratch n Sniff. If you read 6 books over the summer you get a certificate & medal. 

What a fantastic way for kids to enjoy reading!

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