Monday 8 July 2013

Little Red Update and my Garden

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I thought I would update you on Little Reds progress.
Yesterday he managed to keep some toast down
and some flat coke.

Have you ever heard of the flat coke method for upset tummies?
You add sugar to the coke to remove all the bubbles.
If they are able to drink it means they are taking in lots of sugar
and liquids.
It's also meant to settle the stomach.
I don't know whether or not it's true but it does work a treat.

His throat infection hasn't cleared yet but hopefully 
he is on the road to recovery.

Hubby has been clearing the garden and planting some plants.
This used to be my job before the CFS got too bad.
He has horrendous hayfever so it's a really big deal that he is doing this for me.
We've had HOT SUNNY weather in the UK
so it's been brilliant to be able to get outside and sit in the sunshine.

This is our strawberry patch.
we planted 3 plants a couple of years ago and they have taken over.
I would like to say we get fantastic strawberries off them but the blackbird keeps eating them.
I thought it was slugs and snails so I put sawdust under the plants.
Then the other day I caught the blackbird taking chunks out of one.
It's frustrating because she just takes a few pecks out of each one.
We'll have to invest in some netting.

This is little reds play equipment.
We saved up our vouchers from our shopping so we could get it.
It's a few years old and needs painting again.
It's fantastic in this weather.
 This is the flower bed next to the conservatory.
We have thornless blackberries, garlic chives, basil & some new fuchsias planted as well.
The butt in the corner is our waterbutt.
The plant pot use to have a beautiful standard fuchsia in it but the dog chewed it off :-( 
This is our patio.
We haven't managed to clean it properly yet.
It's indian stone.
We have a chiminea, chairs and table. Gas BBQ. 
It's fantastic to spend the evening out on having our tea and just spending time together.

Hubby has also been working on the front garden
 This is our lavender bed.
I can't wait for the flowers to open.
It's fantastic when you open the car door and all you can smell is the lavender.
When the flowers are fully open the whole bed moves with bumble bees.
 This is our main bed.
Everything is so alive.
 Our hosta's. I planted these a few years ago and each year they grow bigger and bigger.
The flowers should be out soon.
 Our geranium. Aren't the flowers so delicate and beautiful.
 The front view.  We have a Rose at each end
and an Apple Tree.
It seemed to die for a few years but last year it started to come alive again.
We may even get some apples for the first time this year
My beautiful Rose.
I wish there was smelly vision.
It has the most perfect perfume.

Last but not least a picture of Hubby with Little Red

I hope you are all having a good day!


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