Monday 8 July 2013

Little Red

July hasn't really gone to plan so far :-(

My son Little Red (as I call him on here)
got ill :-(

He's done a lot of this over the last couple of days.
He caught a tummy bug and was struggling to even keep liquids down.
He finally starts to clear the tummy bug and a throat infection rears its ugly head.
He seems a bit better today, his throat is still sore and he struggles to sleep
but at least he is able to play now.
For 2 days he couldn't cope with the tv, moving or talking.
He just laid on the couch or the floor and didn't move.
I'm sooo glad he can now eat and play, he is so much happier now.

This isn't what the post is about, the post is about the fact
Little Red is Dyslexic

This fight has been going on in the background.
I didn't want to put anything on here till I was sure.
We are still fighting to get him fully diagnosed and get him the help.
I wanted to post it on here to make more people aware
so hopefully you feel like you aren't alone.

It DOESN'T mean they are thick or stupid.
In-fact it is usually the opposite.

If your child struggles learning things, memory, delayed speech.
Problems learning to read and struggles writing.
If they have problems with their balance.
Putting time, dates, months etc in order.
Then get them checked out.
I've only just found out that the words jump on the page for him.
I always point at the word he reads so it hadn't come up at home.
There are so many other things but I just wanted to put a few out there.

Our fight has just started. I'm going to do everything I can to help my son!
I've already bought books and aids to help.
If you are dyslexic or you have a child that is dyslexic it's nothing to be ashamed of.
I think the more people that put it out there the more it will be accepted 
and the more people will understand.

As I learn and understand more I will probably put updates on here.
If you have any helpful hints and tips please share.



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