Tuesday 12 November 2013

Room To Grow Book Share Scheme ~ You Are Special ~ Book Review

When I heard of the scheme Room To Grown Book Share Scheme
I just know we wanted to be part of it.
The scheme runs from November to February.

The scheme's message is:
"If Room To Grow can help even a single
child understand or maintain
the joy of reading & create an 
everlasting affection of books,
then that can only be a good thing"

Anne Davies, Room to Grow

We love to read and with Little Red being dyslexic
we want him to keep enjoying it.

The scheme send you a book and you have 14 days to return it.
It costs you nothing and a prepaid envelope
is supplied for you to return the book.

Once the scheme is over the books are going to be donated
to a children's charity.
So the spread of the joy of reading can carry on.

We Received the book:
You are special by
Max Lucado

We loved the story!!!
The message behind the story is beautiful!
The story is around a man that carves small wooden people
called Wemmicks.
The Wemmicks go round with black dot stickers
and gold star stickers. 
If they think you are pretty or good at something
you get a gold sticker stuck to you.
If they think you aren't they stick a black
dot on you.
Punchinello is covered in black stickers and is very sad.
He hides away so no one will see him.
That is until he meets Lucia who doesn't have a single sticker.
When he asks how
she tells him to visit the woodcarver.
The woodcarver tells him that the stickers
will only stick if they matter to you.
The more he trusts his love the less
he will care about the stickers
and they will fall off.
Sure enough he believes he is worth something
and that he is loved.
Then the stickers start to fall off.

In our current world with all the bullying and hatred
this is a beautiful story
to teach children to ignore the horrible ones.

I love this book and plan on buying it for Little Red.
The art is beautiful and portrayed in a dreamy way.
And the story is well written
but easy enough for young ones to understand.
I give the book 5 out of 5.

Room to Grow

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