Saturday 2 November 2013

Guest Blogger Week 88 Grace's Favours

I would like to say a huge welcome
to Simmi

Hi, thank you so much to Sue for having me to do a guest post today.

I wanted to tell you a bit about a new venture that I’m involved with called Uniquely UK . 
We are a group of 9 designers who have all been selling through for some years. 
This has been a great platform for all of us, both here and overseas, 
but over the course of time we’ve all noticed 
that the UK market is still not as strong for handmade goods as it is in places like the US and Australia. 
We wanted to do something to change that, so we have set up our own website, 
selling our handmade products, 
which often compliment each other, in style, colours, materials, etc.
We wanted to bring the idea of handmade meaning high quality back to the UK market.
One of the biggest problems we all hear as crafters is, 
“oh that’s nice, but I wouldn’t pay that much for it, I could make one myself”…. 
This is actually often not true. 
The amount of time we all spend learning our crafts and honing our skills 
to produce items that are of the best quality means 
we can justify charging reasonable prices for them. 
In fact often crafters undersell their items because we’re embarrassed 
to suggest that our own creations are worth any more.
This is a sentiment we’d like to change in this country.
Here are a selection of the items that we sell, 
all of them either practical like the beautiful purses 
and knitwear or home accessories like the gorgeous bunting and felt wall art.

One of the great services we can offer,  
being a small group who work independently but collectively is to be able to provide a range of products, 
in different mediums, all for the same occasion. 
For example if you were planning a Handmade Wedding, 
you would be able to source your bridesmaids jewellery, 
their handbags and beautiful shawls all made to match. 
Your wedding favours could be made with the same theme 
and stunning lace bunting to tie in for decorating your venue. 
All these items would be made by different designers, 
but working together we can offer something unique and tailor made.

You can also find Simmi at:
Etsy      Website     Twitter      Facebook
& don't forget to check out:

Thank you ever so much Simmi
What a fantastic idea.
It's so true. 
I've even tried to sell my items at a local school Christmas fair.
I heard people saying don't go to that stall you have to "buy" things!
I think the more crafters and sellers join together the more we can educate people.
I hope you'll all join me in thanking Simmi
and check out all her sites.

Below are a few of the items in Simmi's shop:
R2D2 Childrens Costume, Dressing Up Outfit, Star Wars Costume, Custom Order, Robot Costume VW Campervan Gift VW Campervan Ornament Toy - Purple RED Snowflake Christmas Stocking, Ready to Ship
Personalised Christmas Stocking, Custom Felt Snowman, Made to Order Red White & Blue Baby Booties, Star Spangled Banner Booties, Felt American Flag, Patriotic Baby Shoes, Felt UK Flag, Union Jack Baby Shoes, Rolls Royce Silver Shadow Personalised Picture, Classic Car Wall Art


  1. Sue, thank you so much for having me to guest on your fabulous blog & for your kind words :-)

    1. You are more than welcome! I loved your post and loved your work!


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