Wednesday 19 June 2013

What You Doing Wednesday Week 63

Good Morning Everyone.

I hope your week is going well.

I'm back to posting in advance again :-)
Life seems to be going well at the moment.
I'm resting and doing bits when I can,
the sun is out and life just seems a little brighter.
I don't know how long it will last but I'm enjoying it whilst it's here.

Update on my week:
Saturday was spent just doing bits about the house
and hubby went and did the food shopping.
Sunday was fathers day so I got up with little red at 6am :-(
and hubby got breakfast in bed.
We went and visited the parents and had dinner at my mum and dads.
It was a bit of a hectic day but a really enjoyable one.
Apart from that nothing great happened just life in general.
Last night we decided to cut little red's hair. 
Hubby just does it for him at home.  He isn't the most patient child
when it comes to cutting his hair.
Out with the clippers and chopped it off.
I'll hopefully get a picture for Friday.

This week I've made some progress
on my Terrafin hat
The back is finished, now for the front.

I've also started a Thumpback inspired hat (skylanders)

This week I am reading:


The book is about an 18yr old girl called Tanzy.
Her father died a year ago in a freak accident.
Tanzy's whole life is about horses and it's all she has ever known.
It's the one comfort in her life as now her father is gone
she only has her mother who is an alcoholic.
Her safety net of the horses is in jeopardy but why and what is causing it.

I have got very far but it's got quite a few twists already.

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  1. Sorry I'm twice listed on the linky, the first time got a message of a fatal error? I've not managed to be here for Wed linky for awhile so am not up to speed, have you been ill? What's a Thumbpack? Terrafin is this an animal hat with tail...too cute.
    It's Wednesday Linky time

    1. Don't know what is happening with linky. It seems to be working now. Looks like it was a fault with their server.

      Thumpback and terrafin are characters from the skylander game. My son loves it. Terrafin is based on a shark and thumpback is based on a whale.

  2. I have the same problem as Sandy, not been here a while, and the same questions. I like the color of the hat.

  3. Modern crochet may not realize it but she's only allowing a small group to comment, wordpress, G+ not blogger and all other blogging platforms. Tried to visit, but unless I sign in with facebook it's a no go. In case she doesn't know, thought I'd post here so she realizes what a problem it is.

    1. Sandy did you realise you are a no reply blogger?

      Fingers crossed she sees the message.


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